What If?

what if there are other realities? Other worlds? Is it crazy to think they are, or it is it perfectly sane?

What if there is a place where everything we have every imagined as people, from the happiest to the most sinister creations of the imagination are real? Another plane. Another world. Where every single character, every single fantasy is real. Wandering around, with their own thoughts and feelings, words and stories. All based off of a template we provided. Just by thought. 

"Each thought that is imagined/ gains a life it's own/ and drifts into reality/ looking for it's home" 

The lyrics that have had me questioning every single thing lying on the earth. From the moment I could comprehend, i believed it. It probably isn't what The Crueshadows intended. But they got the reaction that they most likely did want. It provoked thought. 

To add another layer to the confusing cake, what if we, the humans, spirits and faeries that inhabit the world are just a creation from the characters that we have thought of. 

Like the question of the chicken and the egg, where does it start, and where does it begin? And is it even a sane thought?  

The End

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