What if.Mature

She took a step forward and immediately the floor moved beneath her, lowering her gradually and with mechanical precision towards the crowds below. She scanned for a blond head among the carpet of brunettes, one leaped to her notice but faded again as it was recognised to be too young. Grey, red, blond, grey, grey, white. Where was she?

And that was when she saw him. His dark hair blending in with the crowd.

She stepped off the escalator and hesitated. At no point had she expected to have to face him again after so long. She hadn't even told him she would be arriving and hoped to come and go without being noticed. This was...unexpected. She didn't work with unexpected. There had been a plan and this wasn't it.

'What are you doing here?' Her tone was waspish as he came closer, a long buried anger climbing through her chest and into her throat, demanding to be heard.

'I promised you, if you ever came back, that I would be here to pick you up.' 

She snorted in disbelief. 'You've never kept a promise before. Why start now?'

'Can we try to be civil?'

'Why Luke? Civil went out the window when you left me for...her.' She spat the last word out, her nose scrunching in disgust at the memory.

'No. Trust went out the window then, you're not an uncivil person Lauren.' There was emotion in his eyes, she just couldn't pick what it was.

Her fingers slid under the strap of her bag that hung off her right shoulder, and pressed into the muscle under it to relieve it of the weight of the books it had been forced to carry up until now. 'Everything went out the window then. Where is she? You're not picking me up.'

He sighed. 'I told her that I would drive you to her place.'

'Oh for fucks sake.'

'You know what. I'm trying OK? I figured I could keep one promise to you. I knew it wouldn't change anything but it seemed like the right thing to do.'

'Since when have you given a shit about doing the right thing?'

'Where the hell did this anger come from?'

She glared at him, more anger rising to the surface. 'It's been there for a long time.'

The emotion in his eyes deepened. Regret maybe? 'I've said I'm sorry.'

'So don't say it any more. Your words mean nothing anyway. Just take me to her place.' She pulled the handle of the suitcase a little more forcefully than she normally would and felt him tug it away from her. 'I'll take it.'

'No you won't.' His hip shoved her out of the way, placing himself between her and the silver piece of luggage. 'It must weigh a tonne. You never did pack light.'

She watched him drag the suitcase towards to door, dodging reunions that had gone a lot better than theirs did. She watched as one girl dumped her bag and threw herself into the arms of a man, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as he lifted her into a firm hug. Anger and pain fought for dominance in her chest as she looked up at where Luke was waiting for her, watching the same couple embrace.

She held onto the anger, taking a resolute breath and stalked after the dark haired man.

The End

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