A  year has past.

In her office,her patient awaits,quietly has if she does not know the reason why she is here.

In fact she does not interact with anything surronding her,in this facilities one would expect a reaction,but nothing.Just silence,as if she is not here.

"Can we talk about P ?"

No repply.

She didnt expect a  major break through.But she had been seing this patient for a year.And in all this time,not a word.

About her son or how he died.

Nothing.Not one single  word.

She stop speaking altogether since she had found him death,slayed by her own hands.

She latter had been told on trial.Aparently she could not recall any of the details of what had happen ...

The doctor in her was intrigued.

How can one do,what she had done?

Could she actually help this woman?

Did she wanted to?

But that was not even an option,since being admited,after the sentence,she had not spoken one word...

As if she was punishing herself,if she could feel remorse for one actions,but all this was just opinions,until she actually spoke no one would ever know.

Years go by...

Same office ,same people,no different outcame.

"Why won`t you speak of P or his death,it may help you ?"

This got a response from this woman we will not name,for her name is not important.

P use to call her mummy,so lets leave at that.

She says for the first time in years a word...

In fact ,she says a sentence,and at tthe end she leaves this office never to entered it again ,we know she died at the age of 74,in prision,without speaking another one.

"He,was not suposed to have been born,he was a lapse,an accident.His father did not wanted him,nor did I wanted to be pregnant.Since his birth,I felt trapped in a prision that I had not chosen.In one nigth I decided if I was in a prision not by my choice I would change this.I dont feel anything,he was nothing to me,just a burden,and I can only guess by your face this is not what you where expecting to hear.Sadelly I have realised that life is never about what we want."

And with this words she closed the door behind her.

In the office,a shocked  woman,silently cries for a child that no longer lives and never had a fair chance at living.

A tear for P.

The End

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