Can one ask for forgiveness?

Even when the act that we have commited is so beyond excuse?

Some actions can not be erradicated.

And with such actions lifes are changed for ever.

People perish,a child dies,and the world becames a  little more unberable...

This morning P should have woken up and just be a happy normal five year old going about the business of being a child.His mother prevented that.

By killing him.

Today P no longer exists...

And the shock waves of this action,are  yet to be felt...

Some acts are unforgivable.

She feels something is wrong,even before her eyes are open,what is that feeling one has before everything changes in their axis?Fate.

As she goes to open the door to her son room,she tries to put together what had happen last night,memories of deciding something major pass trough her mind as she turns the handle.

And with that simple action,another life changes for ever,hers.

A  scream that will haunt her in the prision cell,until her dying days,is released.


That it is a mothers cry, when one sees their cub mauled to death.

It was not a pretty site,but then again,murder never is.

He,thank God was never in pain, a single blow to his head had killed P  instantly,the rest of the injuries sustained to his little corpse tell a story  so horrible I will leave it  untold.

The bottom line is P is no longer in pain,he no longers needs to worry if  his mummy is  going to hurt him tonight,or any other night.

P is dead,his mother killed him.

There is no redemption here.

The End

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