What If ?

In the life of one young child his mother`s action spoke only of hatred and violence.
He dies at a very young age.
What follows is an attempt to make sense where none is found.

"Go to hell"

The words ecoed in anger.

She barely could keep herself up.Couldn`t  remenber her last drink.

In the corner trying to look smaller if he could,a child barely 5,waited in fear,maybe tonight he could excape being beaten prior her colapse...

A bitter old woman,who did not know better. And an  infant who we  can`t  say it`s a child anymore. 

His eyes betray him,they have seen too much,his body experience too much pain.

And his little soul is so tired !

Broken lifes,erased dreams and a cold feeling moves across the house.

In the bed ,beneath the blanket ,a child pretends to sleep.He is always on his gard,on the other side,she snores disregarding the fear in her son little soul.

If one could do something or say something,one would say.

"Persevere little one ,one day you will be bigger than her,and she will no longer have any hold on you,grow fast little one,the world awaits,there is a diferent way to life out there."

The morning light enters his room,touches the blanket the covers  the child.

We wait for him to stir,but no,his mother did not sleep trough the nigth at some point she woke up and in a drunk fency thougth all her problems with be solved only if this person had not existed.

So ,why not kill it?

And went about doing it so.

The morning light touches the blanket of this young child ,his name was P,barely 5.

He was not given a change to live.

His mother killed him.

The End

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