What I Want.

Morgan Mcmorrow is the richest teen on the planet. She has everything she could possibly want at the snap of her fingers. She has servants and butlers and chauffeurs to do things for her and take her places. But not the one thing she really wants. That cool, dark haired beggar boy, Lync, she sees on the street one day. Will she really change herself, give it all up, for one boy? For true love?

Lync is poor, homeless, and alone on the streets. His mum has just died of cancer and he doesn't

*Lync's P.O.V* 

A car pulls up on the kerb right in front of where I'm slumped. I don't look up. I just held my sign a little higher, and nudge my 'money hat' a little further forward with my foot. My sign reads: 

HOMELESS AND HUNGRY.                                                                               NEED MONEY FOR FOOD,                                                                                 CLOTHES AND HYGIENE                                                                                   PARAPHERNALIA. SMALL                                                                                 DONATIONS APPRECIA-                                                                                   TED. THANK YOU. 

"Marie, what's p.. para..fer.. na.. lia?" A sweet, sing-song voice comes from the direction of the car, whose door is now open. I lift my eyes a little. I see a pair of cream, furry ugg-boots next to some plain black loafer-type shoes. Score. I think, A rich kid!  I lift my head to fix her with my best beseeching stare, but nothing prepares me for what comes next. 

Her perfect blue eyes stare into mine, and I get this rushing sensation. Then I recognise it. It is what I used to feel for mum, before she died. Love. 

The End

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