I Will Never Leave You- Esme

It was silent except for the sounds my body made. Afraid to open my eyes, I relied on my ears, straining harder and harder against the silence. I couldn't hear anyone else, and this made no sense. My family wouldn't leave me without warden, would they? To leave me alone...that would be worse than death. Alone in the dark I waited, but no-one came.

I screamed, jolting upright, my eyes wide with fear. Alone. Being left alone. I couldn't, I can't. My only fear is being alone. Alone in the dark, with no-one beside me, without him  beside me.

I fell back down on my bed, tears gently rolling down my cheeks. I wrapped my covers over me and sniffed constantly, wiping at my now sore eyes. I just wanted him to be here with me right now, the one I loved. I didn't want to be alone, I didn't want him to leave me.

Maybe it was an obsession, or maybe i'm just crazy now, but I guess that's okay. I love him, and no-one could replace him.

He was perfect, in every way. He was handsome and smart and every small touch of his hand or crooked smile on his face would make my heart skip a beat. He was like a greek goddess compared to me. How he'd rub his hand through his thick, dark hair. How whenever I greeted him he'd take me in his arms and embrace me like I was his and no-one elses.

I was afraid he would leave me. I was afraid I would be alone again.

Picking up my mobile and not bothering about the time, I called him. With a few rings I heard a smooth, low, beautiful voice say down the line. The voice I loved croak, "Hello?"

"I love you." I burst through my tears. He hesitated, then whispered:

"I love you." back. My breathing slowed and my tears came to a stop.

"Will you ever leave me?" I sniffed. He paused, I think in disbelief.

"Esme, I will never leave you. Never."

The End

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