What I Think About At Night

Silence. All through the house.
The only light, moonlight, pushes it's was through the gaps in curtains, casting strange shadows on the floor of my room.
I grope up  on the shelf above my bed, for my mp3 player. My hands find it, and I bring it up to my face. I unwrap the headphones from it, and switch it on. I put one headphone in my ear and choose the option to shuffle the songs.
A song starts up.
Nope. I think and I skip it.
Nope, nope, nope, no no nooo.
A few more songs pass me by.
Oh here we go.
A heavy guitar melody starts, I close my eyes, and nod my head to the rhythm. The lyrics start up.
It's a song about love.
It reminds me about her.
I sigh, and try to conjure up and image of her face.
A perfect representation pops up into my head.
I move it's perfect lips into a smile, and smile myself.
Ah, she is so beautiful.
Her beautiful blue eyes.
Her amazing smile, that makes everything right in the world.
Her incredible voice, and her glorious laugh.
Her almost unbelievable and stunning ability to love someone like me.
She is altogether amazing.
I sigh again, and let myself get lost in the song.
At the end of it, I skip a few more, until another love song pops up.
I could think about her forever.
I wish I was with her now.
She is truly beautiful.
I always lost the words to describe her.
I had tried to draw pictures of her, but they were no where near her. I tried writing poems and songs about her, but they all failed to sum up her unimaginable loveliness.
I created scenes of us, in my head.
Scenes in which her and I walked through feilds.
By a stream.
Beautiful scenes.
She really is the most incredible girl I have ever met.
I love her.
I open my eyes, and stare at the floor, covered in sweet wrappers, and things I could not be bothered to put in the right place. I smiled, and rolled over again, so I was facing the wall.
I pulled the headphone out of my ear, and switched my mp3 player off. I wrapped the headphones around it, and placed it back on the shelf.
Silence engulfed me once more.
Beautiful silence.
Everything ws beautiful since she said she loved me back.
Everyday has been a waking dream, and every dream has been about her.
I should probably get to sleep now.
I closed my eyes, and let sleep roll over me, and take me into the wonderful world of dreams.

The End

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