Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The night came to meet again. She wanted freedom with someone to catch her. He wanted freedom from her daggers.

They started off the night talking about the week, but it turned into argument, raised vioces, her tears and pain. He dumped on her everything she had layered down on her. He stabbed and released weight, and she lost her goal. Always wanting what she couldn't have, she lied. FLat out lied. She made false promises that should never have been thought of, and she forgave him, praised him, hated herself, egged for mercy, and called him on his flaws only to hit a wall. He had made up his mind, and there was only a dead end to the two of them.

Then he told her he had fallen for her best friend. A girl who made them both sparkle, and the guilt welled up inside. She herself had planted the idea, and her friend was flawless, honest and deep, passionate about all the same things as he, the relationship was too perfect it shattered the last in her.

Anger, pain, defeat all bubbled and shifted inside and she wanted all the cake in the world just to look at and cry.

He knew her too well. He made logic in his arguments she couldn't fight. He told her things she could never hear before and when she finally heard his discomfort it was too late to act on them. He proved his respect, and she shuddered in front of him realizing she denied him all he deserved and more, keeping the relationship to herself. And she felt like vomiting, the easy way to rid herself of the guilt pitting in the core of her stomach. She didn't want to be with him, she wanted to make things up. She wanted to give the closest friend she'd had a new trail. She wanted him to feel loved my her, deserved by her, and not feel cheated. The relationship ran them both into the ground, but he used her pride to boost himself up, and she was held to the ground as now he was the one to walk away.

She went home a mess, sobbing through the night in out bursts of guilt. She didn't deserve someone so loyal, who she was in the relationship didn't reflect the real her and she wanted to prove she could change and it was too late.

The End

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