"Lee. I know you are upset and angry, but you can't do this!" Michael cried, trying to stop me from shoving the body of Jeff Lake into the bedroom cupboard.

"Too late." I said angrily. "I hate him. He deserved to die." All I saw was red.

"No one deserves to die, and you know that." Michael tried to calm me.

"It was self-defence, lets say to the cops. They can't arrest someone for doing that." He was calmly panicking. "Lets go back down." He said, touching my shoulder.

His touch relaxed me instantly.

I broke down in fresh tears as I saw my son's body at the bottom of the stairs. I knelt next to him. Michael had silent tears for the small boy.


We sat at Eddie's side until the ambulance came, but of course, I knew it was too late for him, which only made me cry more.

"We need to call the mother. What's her number?" I shook my head at the question that a paramedic had just asked me. He turned to Michael, who also shook his head.

"I don't know. She changed it everytime." So he had known. But I couldn't care at that moment.

"Ok." They loaded Eddie's body into the ambulance and drove off.

Michael held me tightly, reassuring me.

"Don't worry. Now, what about Jeff?" He drew my attention momentarily away from my dead son.

The End

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