I woke up that morning feeling sad and hung-over.

I couldn't remember anything of the night before, but I knew I had been very drunk.

I lay in bed, I had been sure there was only one person next to me, but just to make sure, I opened my eyes and a crack of light burst in, momentarily blinding me.

My eyes adjusted quickly.

There he was, next to me in the double bed.

I could see the hanging picture of Michael in the background of the real thing.

Michael opened his eyes a crack too.

"Hey, honey." I said to my partner, my voice croaky. He smiled back at me.

"Last night was f-u-n." He spelled the word out as I cuddled close to him. I chuckled, agreeing.

We lay in the bed for some time, just thinking and enjoying each others company.

Nothing could hurt us when we were together, and we both knew that. I fell back into a heavy sleep after a few minutes.

Eventually, Michael carefully pushed me off and got up.

He walked around our bedroom and looked at the picture that would be in the background of me if you were to lie next to me and look.

Michael strolled up to the picture and stroked it carefully, it was a picture of me, lying on our bed last December (fully clothed), while all the Christmas decorations were still up.

Michael smiled to himself, remembering that that was the day we had got Raphael, who was in the small package under the tree in the picture.

I had got Raphael for Michael. He had wanted a dog since he was a child, but Michaels father had been allergic. I thought I ought to make his dreams come true.

Michael reminisced the moment when he had taken the lid of the yapping, holey parcel.

"Dad... No... Dad..." I muttered in my sleep.

Michael walked over to me and sat down on the bed next to me in his boxers. He slowly reached out and stroked my golden hair.

I jerked awake, breathing heavily.

"Bad dream?" Michael assumed, crawling back into bed with me.

"I'm fine." I had said, trying to calm down.

"Was it the same dream again?" Michael continued to stroke my hair as I cuddled close to him.

I nodded, remembering the dream.

"Don't worry. Your dad can't hurt you anymore."

I tried to block out what my dad had done when I told him I was gay but it was no use, I had been having so many bad dreams lately.

I shook the bad memories off and just enjoyed Michaels company.

The End

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