Uncontrollable tearsMature

"Throw her in there"A man called. I felt my body going through the air and,


I moaned as I hit my head on something hard and sharp, my eyes were still closed. A rotten stench covered all trace of clear air I had. I was lying on lumps of sharp things, and tubby things and oddly shaped things. I was lying diagonally, on a slope of some sort.

I slowly opened my eyes, it was dark and I could barely see my hand in front of me. I covered my nose and turned to see what I was lying on.

Dead bodies. 

I screamed and got up, stumbling over them and falling on someones face. I looked at their open eyes and screamed again, running and stumbling over many bodies, flies buzzing in my face. The smell of blood flew up my nose as I found a small empty spot in the corner and sat, my eyes buried in my knees, scared as a cat.

I cried uncontrollably, this is what would happen to me. I would be dead, I would be thrown into a large pile in here to rot away and turn into a skeleton, my hair still growing for a month where flies would nibble and be sick on my dry dead body. I thumped the image out of my head and cried more, and more, and more. 

Screams suddenly came from all around me and I screamed in return. This is all my fault, I was going to die. And it was all my fault. All because I had to kill someone.

All because I had to kill my best friend.

The End

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