What Have I Gotten Myself Into This Time (HELP!)Mature

Just a random story where people can write their own parts to it. I'll start it off, and you can take over! Let your mind wander! Just remember! The sky's the limit when you are writing the perfect story!

                                                  Chapter 1

"Think you've got what it takes kid?"                                                                I stared at the man for a quick moment, trying to find out what to do. These men had knives, and not your ordinary dinner table knives mind you. I'm talking about enormous purple glowing blades that can chop your head off in a second. The man stared at me for a minute, obviously asking himself whether to kill me then and there, or to spare my life and just to capture me. He motioned to one of his thugs and that guy motioned to the rest of them. I was forced to the ground, and was almost suffocated by the gag cloth they wrapped around my mouth. I was unable to help myself anymore. I let them do what they pleased, held against my will by this gang of innapropriate teenage boys.

The End

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