The slender man and the doppelganger simply watched each other as their tentacles made combat. Neither saw an opportunity nor did they find an opening in the others defenses. “So your friend Nemo is dead. Doesn’t that bother you?” It asked. “No not enough to actually want to rush things. After all I work in slow, creeping, patient strategies to catch my pray. Like basting a turkey. You roast it slowly and flavor it and then when it is cooked…” Suddenly The slendermans tentacles gripped the doppelganger’s and crushed them like one would crush a flat piece of paper in their hand. Suddenly another tentacle thrust forth from the slendermans body and smashed the Doppelganger across the floor. “And when it is cooked I take a nice big bite.” Slenderman said slowly walking towards him.

“Well don’t cook your turkey till it’s dead.” Doppelganger said thrusting his hand out towards Slenderman. Thousands of chains shot forward and entangled the Slenderman. Chaining him to the ground. Slenderman tore the chains away with his hand and continued walking towards the copycat. “No my friend the second I saw you the turkey was already roasted. “ Slenderman said as his tendrils extended so far and so thick that they blotted out the light and hid the slenderman from his allies as he slowly feasted on the Doppelganger.

The End

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