Nemo's Adventure Ends.Mature

Nemo looked at hook like A man possessed. This man killed his greatest friend. A long time ago He and Silver were friends along with Dave but then Silver sealed Dave in an alternate dimension where all men who die at sea must go. The Locker. Then after that He wounded Nemo and marooned him on an island. Ever since then they have been trying to kill each other but fate happened it that they had never met until now. Meanwhile the Slenderman wasted no time attacking the doppelganger. Tentacles were everywhere slithering, coiling, swiping, winding, twisting, banging, and smashing into and against each other. But neither the slenderman nor the doppelganger moved their bodies. They just stood their and carefully watched for an opening.


“So we meet at this final hour of fate.” Nemo said. “It would appear so.” Hook replied. Nemo slowly pulled out his gun and aimed it at the head of Hook. “I have been waiting for this chance all my life.” Nemo grunted. “Ah but it was all for naught. I will Kill you the second that you Pull that trigger.” Hook Said calmly. Nemo shook in anger. A gunshot rang out and Nemo felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Silver held in his hand a sword with a circular tip. “A gunsword?” Nemo gasped. Silver brought the tip close to his mouth and blew the smoke off of the barrel. “Hahaha do you think that I would actualy fight you. I have to finish this quickly so that I can get to killing your friends.” Hook said before aiming the gunsword at Nemo again. This time two gunshots rang out. Nemo had missed but Hook did not. The last thing Nemo felt was the pain of a bulled smashing through his skull and into his brain. Then nothingness. And Nemo returned to the void that he was created from.

The End

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