Tucks deathMature

Emerald let out all of her air in one explosive yell. The friar slashed the shout in half with his word and pulled a crossbow out of his robes. The arrow whizzed by Emeralds face and mad a small cut in it. Emerald screamed again but to no avail. That sword was to powerful. A weapon bestowed upon him by the cosmic being. How could emerald stand up to it. The friar jumped at Emerald and slashed again at her. Subconsciously Emerald brought up her umbrella. “Ting.” Emerald opened her eyes and saw the blade stopped by her umbrella. Tuck looked just as surprised as her. “Oh ho it seems that you have a weapon of equal strength.” Tuck said regaining his composure for another slash.


Emerald blocked with her umbrella and counter attacked. Friar was suddenly on the defensive. “How can this happen? A mere woman, with an umbrella?” Tuck asked. “That is sexist.” Emerald said. Tuck retreated and threw another dose of the fluids at her. Emerald backed up and breathed in. Power was sapped from the surroundings. “With this attack you will die.” Emerald said. Tuck brought up his sword. There is nothing that this sword can’t cut.” Tuck said. “Not an umbrella.” Emerald said grinning. Tuck stood there for a moment  before finally loosing his composure. He jumped at Emerald in fury. “White noise.” Emerald whispered.


Suddenly Tucks body would not move. He started bleeding every where on his body. “Like this. It is a noise that perfectly resonates with your body. A few more seconds and you won’t be alive any more.” Emerald said without moving her mouth. Tucks entire body cringed, warped, broke, and finally after several minuets of agonizing pain, Friar Tuck exploded.

The End

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