The priest and the ghostMature

Emerald looked at the priest as he swung his incense burner from side to side. Emerald used her shriek to blow off his hood. He was an old man with wrinkles, moles, warts, boils, bruises, and cuts. His face was full of sickness. “Ok friar are you going to be my opponent?” Emerald asked. “Ha just a banshee is no problem for me. Lets make this a challenge. “Your very existence is a sin!” The friar said swinging the incense faster and faster until it was spinning in a circle. “If that is so then your God is a god I do not wish to know.”  Emerald said.


“large amounts of incense and smoke poured out of the burner creating a smokescreen. “I am going to take your cover away from you.” Emerald said. A sudden voice explosion erupted out of her mouth pushing the smoke screen away. The priest stood alone holding a long cross. The priest pulled the bottom of the cross off to reveal a long blade. “Ah a cross blade. Maybe that would be a good weapon against Dracula….. but not me.” Emerald said. “We will see.”


The priest jumped at Her and swung his blade around. Emerald jumped back and screamed. The Priest flew back and landed on his feet. “Hm you can attack me by screaming. It will have no affect.” Tuck said throwing the incense burner. The burner Exploded like a grenade sending some kind of liquid everywhere. Some of it got onto emerald and seemed to burn her arm. “That is the instrument of your demise along with this blade that the Holy lord gives me.” Tuck said. Emerald crouched and breathed in. “Time to get serious.”

The End

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