The Mad Hatter's Battle. Times upMature

They began to attack the Hatter. Hundreds at a time rushing him. The hatter threw his hat through one and it flew through another five or six before finally coming back and immediately being thrown out again at another one of them. “This is getting tiring.” The Hatter said. One of the twins scissors mad a deep cut on his shoulder. He dispatched the copy easily by shoving two of his fingers into his eyes and rupturing the brain. “Urg how long do I have?” The Hatter said checking his wrist, which carried literally fifty different kinds of watches. “6 Minuets.” He said grabbing his hat again and throwing it at another copy.


Another scissor made a gash on his leg and another on his back. “I am going to have to stop this.” The hatter said throwing his hat again for the umpth time. That is when he noticed. All of the shadows were absent. Except for two. “Gotcha!” The hatter said pointing his tea pot at one of the copy’s with a shadow.


 “Sister watch out!” Another copy said. They both jumped back and all of the copy’s turned into ash that disintegrated into nothingness. “Five minuets.” The hatter coughed. The wounds were allot deeper than he thought they were. “Do you give up?” The twins asked at the same time. “He hehe hehehe ahahahahahah! You think I will give up and abandone the man who saved me from the dollmaker?” The hatter laughed pointing to the ball of darkness high above the battlefield that contained the two vampires. The hatter grabbed a deck of cards from his pocket. He flipped them around. They all stayed dormant in the air. “By the way. This entire deck is made out of aces.” Hatter said. “So what?” The twins asked.


The twins charged at Him at full speed. A frightening feat for anyone, even them. The hatter just turned around and blacked there scissors with a single card. Both of them. “Three minuets.” He said. “Sister what is our chance of beating him.” The twin on the right asked. “Calculating probability of defeating opponent. Calculating complete. Probability of defeating Enemy is………… is……..40 percent.” The twin of the left said shocked. “What. How is the probability able to go down so fast?” The other twin asked. “As I said. Three minuets.” The hatter grinned an evil grin. The two now reluctant twins ran toward him using there superior speed hoping to catch him and his slow movements.


“You make to many unnecessary movements.” The hatter said blocking there attacks with a single ace card again and again and again. “Two minutes.” The hatter whistled. The twins jumped at him from different angles and cut deep into his chest from two different angles. “One minuet.” The Hatter said. “What? that should have been a fatal blow.” The twin in front of him said. “Fatal no. Now this should be fatal.” He said kicking the twin behind him. Both twins flew back with a pianfull expression on there face. “Hahahaha jack pot. “It is Time. Zero hour.” The hatter said. “Sister what is our probability?” The sister in front asked.


“Calculating probability of defeating opponent. Calculating complete. Probability of defeating Enemy is…” The sister did not get a chance to respond. “IT IS ZERO!” The hatter said grabbing his hat and throwing it into the air. The hat grew and grew. It was a giant hat that flew above the Hatters head. The twins saw red eyes floating all around a forest of mushrooms, trees, bushes, and other plants that were to horrible to describe. Suddenly they saw what was truly there. The hatter and his massive hat. “Did you like my world?” The hatter said walking over to one of the twins. He grabbed the twins side, and crushed his rib cage with his bare hands. Both of the twins fell down in agony holding there sides. The Hatter raised his tea pot and poured tea all over the twin. They both screamed in agony and the twin that was covered in tea stood up. Her body began to melt. Like wax on a candle. Soon all there was left was a skeleton.


The hatter jumped into his hat and disintegrated.  Then they appeared. Poking out from under the hat two eyes and a sharp jagged smile. “Time to feed.” A voice said from inside the hat. A black shadow crawled out of the hat with the smile on the front of it. The mouth opened and closed around the last twin. Crunching and smacking was heard and then the two twins were no more. “Ah what a snack.”

The End

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