The Mad Hatter's Battle. Ten MinuetsMature

Hundreds of yards away from the cataclysmic battle The mad hatter fought the Siamese twins. “Dear sisters of the battlefield. Do you not know that The peddler is only using you two?” The mad hatter said with his arms open. “No it does not matter to us.” They both said pulling out giant pairs of scissors. The two shears were each a yard long including the two handles. “Hahaha do you think that those circus tools will defeat me?” The Hatter smiled pulling off his hat with one hand and summoning a tea pot with the other. Shall I start with your bodies, or shall I start with your souls.” The hatter said in a frighteningly deep voice.


The twins jumped at the hatter hoping to end the fight early. No such luck. The Hatter ducked low and poured tea all over the ground. The twins backed up from the tea as soon as they saw that the tea corroded the ground they stood on. “Careful sister do not let the tea touch you. Or it will be very painful.” The one on the left said. “Got it sister. Calculating probability of defeating opponent. Calculating complete. Probability of defeating Enemy is 94 percent.” The one on the right said.


The two jumped over the tea and made a slash at the Hatter. The hatter threw his hat at the blade on the left. The hat hit the scissor with a loud clang, bounced to the scissor on the right deflected, and came back to the hatters hand. “Hey kids do you want to see a magic trick?” The hatter said throwing the teapot into the air and reaching his hand into the hat. “Cause I’m gonna show you one any way.” He said pulling out some kind of sand. He spread the sand over the acidic tea and then caught the teapot by its handle.


“Sister what is our probability of winning?” The twin on the left asked. “Very well sister. He has some kind of magic hat that can deflect our blades and contains many things. Calculating probability of defeating opponent. Calculating complete. Probability of defeating Enemy is 90 percent.” The twin on the right said. “haha you over estimate yourselves.” The hatter said placing his hat on his head and drawing a card from his hat. He held the deck and shot hundreds of card all around him. They started whizzing around in circles around him. “Hahahahehehehehe I have a riddle for you.” The hatter giggled. “How is a raven like a writing desk?” The hatter whispered as his eyes glowed bright red and his cloths glowed purple and green. “I will give you ten minuets to answer.” The hatter said.


The sisters opened there scissors and closed them quickly. The tea split into four pieces and gave ample access to the Hatter. “Sister together.” The one on the left said. “Right.” The one on the right said. The two charged at the Hatter and attacked with a fury. “Nine minuets.” The hatter said blocking all of the attacks with the flying cards.. “Cut.” The twins said in unision before they opened and closed their scissors. The cards all fell in half the power that laid inside of them completely dispelled. “Hm magic draining weapons. How annoying.” The hatter said slightly irked. He swung the teapot around spraying the tea all over in random places. “Usless.” One of the twins said. They both started running around the hatter in perfect circles. Faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, until there after images could be seen. “Which one of us is it? Is it me?” One of the figures stopped and stepped out of the circle towards the Hatter. “Or is it me?” Another one said stepping out. “Or me,  Or me, Or me, Or me?” They said as one by one they stepped out of the circle. More and more stepped out. “Hmm compleat copies. Well. You have 7 minuets.” The hatter said pulling down his hat.

The End

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