Hunchback Vs Godzilla part 2Mature

“Samuel looked at the vial. The last testament to Hydes existence. A small bottle containing a grayish liquid. “Is this what Made Doctor Jekyll into Mr Hyde?” Samuel thought to himself. Godzilla had regained its balance and lifted its foot above The Hunchback and slammed it down. “Something felt wrong. There was a pressure on its foot. What is that?” these thoughts crossed Godzillas now puzzled mind. Suddenly its foot was thrown off of the ground. The hunchback had pushed Godzillas foot off. “You son of a bitch. You killed an innocent scientist. He was a great man whos only crime was living. Now you die.” Samuel said. The hunchback looked down At the bottle of liquid in his hand. “Time to show you what Hydes power truly was.” Samuel said before throwing the bottle in his mouth and crushing it. Drinking down the liquids. “It tastes like……. Strawberry’s.”


The hunchbacks entire body went numb. All he could feel was the overpowering taste of strawberries. “So good.” He thought. Suddenly pain coursed through His entire body. An agonizing, burning, freezing pain that was only complimented by the taste of strawberries. The hunchback took in the pain. “This is the greatest trstament to his existence. Hyde show me what you were made of. The hunchback grew in size and girth. He could feel the pain changing his body on a molecular level. Then there was nothing. All the pain disappeared. The taste of strawberries flowed throughout his entire body. Reenergizing it, healing it, changing its DNA. Now the hunchback was the size of Godzilla. “Time to take this to the next level.” Samuel said making a fist.


The hunchback smashed his fist into the stomach of Godzilla over and over again. Godzilla fell back and swipped his tail into Samuels leg making him trip. “Ah I see you have fought battles like this many times.” Samuel grunted jumping back onto his feet and using that momentum to tackle his foe. The two were now on the ground grappling with each other. The hunchback drove a fist into the face of Godzilla who in return punched him in the stomach. The two rolled around until Godzilla mounted The hunchback, grabbed him by the shoulders, breathed in, and blasted The hunchbacks face with an inferno breath. Flames flew around and stuck to the ground. Samuel wriggled out of Godzillas grip and shoved his fist into Godzillas chest making it loose all of its breath. Godzilla shrugged off the pain and bit down on Samuels shoulder.


“Ah now I can tell why you are called the world eater. But I am the terror of Notre dame. And I have a reason to fight on. I have a reason to win.” Samuel yelled forming a fist and slamming it repeatedly into Godzillas face. Godzilla bit even further in until the hunchback stopped hitting his face. “Fine lets see which is stronger, your jaws, or my conviction!” Samuel yelled grabbing Godzillas jaws with his hands. Godzilla felt his jaws become stretched, his vice grip being undone, The hunchback was pulling its jaws apart! Suddenly Godzilla was on its back struggling. The hunchback flung him off of himself. “Now I shall end this.” Samuel said raising both of his fist above his head. “Good by you abomination.” he said as he smashed both of his fists into Godzillas soft underbelly. “In the name of the world I sentence you suffer for the many sins you have committed. Your sentence, death.” The massive hunchback said pulverizing Godzilla with his building sixed fists. Godzilla tried to struggle but the hunchback grabbed Godzillas arms and ripped them off. The ferocious beat down continued until Godzilla stopped moving. “Good by world eater.”

The End

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