Hunchback Vs Godzilla part 1Mature

“So do you have some kind of plan to take care of this guy?” Samuel asked. “We could pummel him into submission.” Hyde said. “I don’t think that will work.” Samuel said. “Well there is only one way to find out.” Hyde said smiling. Godzilla roared at the two figures that dared to challenge it. The armors around them shattered from the sound that bellowed from his mouth. “So this is the world eater Godzilla’s power.” Hyde said. “Hahahaha I suddenly get the urge to want to see if it can live up to his name.” The hunchback said with an evil grin as he cracked his knuckles.


The giant dinosaur swung around its massive tail. Hyde braced himself and took the full force of the attack. “Ha this is nothing.” Hyde said grabbing the tail. Godzilla looked over with a puzzled look on its face. “Ha it has never seen this. It must be a first.” Hyde said. “Then this will also be his first.” The hunchback said leaping into the air. Godzilla looked at Samo as he closed in with rapid speed. Then they made contact. Samuel drove his fist into Godzilla’s face. Godzilla stumbled back, shocked. Then enraged.


 Hyde let go of his tail and tackled Godzillas legs making him fall on his side. Godzilla grabbed Hyde with its hand ant tore him off of his leg before getting back up. Samuel launched himself into Godzillas side but there was no apparent damage. Godzilla did another tail flip and smacked the hunchback aside. Samuel landed hard on the ground a little stunned. In the mean time Godzilla threw down Hyde. “Cough. That hurt.” Hyde said. Godzilla lifted his foot and smashed it down on Hyde. Samuel got back up just in time to see blood ooze out from beneath Godzillas foot.


“Hyde. Hyde?” Samuel asked himself still trying to believe what happened. Despite what happened and despite how short of a time he actually knew him Samuel actually liked the guy. Samuel grabbed his bracelet and charged his power with his rage. Godzilla turned towards The hunchback and roared. “Samuel held his arm towards Godzilla and opened his fist. A large shockwave blasted out of his hand and pushed Godzilla away. Samuel ran over towards the crater that supposedly held the body of Hyde only to find the body had disintegrated. All that was left was a bottle of strange fluid.

The End

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