The freaks Gather for the final battle.Mature

“How long can we still hold?” Slenderman asked as he blocked an arrow that was shot by one of the flying puppets that dangled far out of reach. “I can hold indefinitely but if I were to guess you would all be dead within hmmmm two hours.” The mad hatter said as a swarm of human sized wasps flew from his hat and proceeded to attack some of the flying puppets. Suddenly two flashes of red cut through the air. The wasps fell to the ground all of them cleanly cut in two. “Aha prepare for devastation.” A girls voice said. “It is here we stop your insurrection.” Another voice said. “Ah the Siamese twins.” The hatter smiled. “Damn it where is Frankenstein at a time like this?” Nemo cursed. “We will have to do without him.” The hatter said walking towards the two red clothed jesters.



Suddenly a roar rang out from the other side of the room. “Samuel turned and saw a giant lizard. Hundreds of feet tall. “That is The legendary storm that terrorized japan for ages. The legendary Godzilla.” Hyde said. “Ha I got this.” The hunchback said twisting his bracelet. “We HAVE this.” Hyde said adjusting his mechanical eye. “Well if they can take care of those monsters then who do we fight. I want a real fight too” Emerald the banshee pouted. “Patience sister.” The slender man said shredding the last of the mannequins in front of him. “Yes patience sister your fight has arrived.” A man said in a quiet voice. “Who are you?” Emerald asked. “Me, my name is not important but if you must know you can call me tuck. Friar Tuck.” The man said. His face was covered by a brown dirty hooded cloak and he swayed from side to side following an incense burner that hung by some string.


“There is enough of them to take care of this I think.” Nemo said to slenderman. “Yah I think so to.” Slenderman said. “Then we should probably get ourselves up those stairs to help Nosferatu and the butler.” Nemo said walking towards the massive stairs. The two figures walked up the stairs ignoring the armors that seemed to busy focusing on the now massive battles going on around them. Upon reaching the top of the stairs the pair was stopped by two people. One had a scraggly beard, only one leg, a hook for a hand, and was clothed entirely in red with a massive hat dubbed with an even bigger feather. “Long John Silver.” Nemo said. “John, pleas call me hook. Captain Hook.” He said. Hook stood by someone who looked exactly like the slenderman. He was the doppleganger. 

The End

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