The Battle down below.Mature

“Hunchy sweaty I can’t stop them forever you know.” Emerald the banshee said as she blew all the armors and puppets to pieces within a fifteen yard diameter around her. “Just hold on for a moment and im sure someone will help.” Nemo shouted out to her just before his last pistol started clicking from being empty. “Hold on my comrades I will help you.” The lsnederman yelled from his featureless face. The slenderman jumped over to them, grabbed them with some of his tendrils and jumped over two there the Mad hatter was holding off several hundred with some kind of army of bugs that came out of his hat.


 “My bugs are strong but they are limited. And I don’t think these things have an end.” The Hatter yelled out throwing a giant ant out of his hat that began throwing fire out of its mouth. “Hey does any body have any way to heal bones?” The hunchback said running through a group of armors to the stairs. “I can.” The judge said as he walked out of a storm of light rain that leveled all of the armors in an entire direction. “Why?” He asked. The hunchback ran to the judge holding Skeletron. “Here is why.” The hunchback said placing him down. “I want to.” The judge said.


The hunchback place his thumb on one side of the judges head and his pointing finger on the other side. “Listen unless you want to be squashed between my fingers like a ant and then kicked across this room like a football then you will do exactly as I say. You will heal this……. Thing. You will do your best or I swear to god. You will regret not doing so.” Samuel said picking up the judge by his head. “I will need some help. His anatomy is much more different than a humans.” The judge said. “I will help then.” Mr Hyde said walking up to them. “Ah yes thank you.” The judge said running over two Skeletron as soon as the hunchback placed him down.


“Why? I killed you so many times. You tasted defeat by my hands over the eons. Why would you help me?” Skeletron asked The Judge. “Because im afraid of him more than I am you.” The judge said looking over at the hunchback as he stepped on two armors and crushed another two in a single hand. “Ha I think I found a new sparring partner.” Skeletron said looking over.

The End

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