The end to Vlad the ImpalerMature

Dracula ran back up the stairs leaving the battle behind him and progressed to the sounds of a struggle above him. Upon reaching the top of the stairs He saw Skeletron fighting furiously with Vlad. Several long wooden stakes were sticking out of skeletrons figure and Vlad was gaining the upper hand. “No.” Dracula said calmly summoning up Excalibur. Dracula jumped at Vlads exposed back and slashed a deep wound. “Ha this is child’s play.” Vlad said ignoring the wound and backhanding Dracula across the floor. Skeletron took his spinal blade and slashed Vlads stomach open. “Impudent little man.” Vlad said impaling him with another stake. Skeletron fell backwards and tumbled down the stairs. “Now that that is done I can focus my attencion on becoming whole again.” Vlad said. Suddenly He felt a sharp pain that Vlad knew only to well.


“Ha you think you will eat me but it is I who will drain you.” Dracula said before digging his fangs into Vlads neck. Dracula felt Vlad weaken considerably as his power rushed into himself. “N.. no not now.” Vlad gasped as he fell to a knee. “You loose.” Dracula said “NO I refuse to loose to rabble such as you.” Vlad said grabbing Dracula by his head. “I Can not loose. I have been given power that would Never be defeated.” Vlad muttered tearing Dracula off of his neck, along with a large chunk of his own flesh still stuck to Draculas teeth, and threw him across the room.


“Now be skewered and die.” Vlad said raising his arms above his head. “Dracula flew out of the wall straight at Vlad. “Vlad return to me. You have lost and all you are is a fragment of an age gone by.” Dracula said gaining speed. Vlad smashed the ground with his fists and a wave of stakes shot out of the ground in a path directly towards Dracula. Dracula weaved through the forest of stakes making his way towards Vlad. “No… it can’t be….. NO!” Vlad said falling down in fear. In Vlads eyes a large Bat was soaring towards him. Vlad yelled in fear. “Ok time to feed!” Dracula said as darkness enveloped Vlad. Dracula flew into the darkness and one could hear the screams of fear and pain for several minuets. Then all was silent save for the sound of Dracula feeding and the clash of battle down below.

The End

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