Death BreathMature

The now fully healed Dracula jumped down some of the stairs. “SAMUEL COVER YOUR MOUTH AND DON’T BREATH IN NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!” Dracula shouted over the sound of battle. Samuel looked over and place a hand over his mouth. “RETURN TO NOTHING!” Skeletron shouted before breathing in. “How is that possible? He has no body where is the air going?” Vlad laughed. “DEATH BREATH!” Skeletron said in a ghastly voice that echoed throughout the entire building. thousands of feet up the castle in the thrown chamber the string master grimaced in his imprisonment as he remembered the utter agony that he suffered from The death breath.


 Black and purple gas shot out of Skeletrons bony mouth and spread out over the entire room. Dracula noticed the empty armors melting upon contact with the gas. Their bodies turning into rust and liquid ash. The red rug turned into dust, large pillars aged and turned into gravel and sand, Dracula experienced utter agony as he felt the gas disintegrate his body over and over and over. “My regenerative abilities are protecting me for now but how long will that last. I’m sure it is the same for the hunchback.” Dracula thought.


Suddenly hundreds of black tentacles whipped through the air and created a updraft that forced the gas into the roof. A sudden vacuumed sucked up all of the gas. “Hmm that would have surly killed the lot of you had we not intervened.” A familiar quiet womanly voice said. Dracula looked over towards the gateway that he had come through and saw Frankenstein and Nosferatu standing in front of several familiar figures. “Ha it is about time Frankenstein.” Dracula said.


The Giant coffins that Dracula had brought with him contained the people he had defeated at his castle. The weapons contained their souls and once left alone in a place of dying they would regenerate there bodies. There stood The banshee, the judge, the slenderman, the mad hatter, and captain Nemo. Behind all of them stood the towering figure of Mr Hyde. “Reinforcements are here.” Nosferatu said. “Good. Because here comes the next round of lackeys.” The hunchback said pointing towards the roof. Hundreds of puppets fell down from the roof attached by strings. And thousands more empty armors crawled out of the ground. “Time to get to work.” Frankenstein smiled. 

The End

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