Skeletron saves the dying dayMature

“Fear not Dracula. Help has arrived.” A familiar gasping voice said. Dracula looked up to see a bony figure holding a giant serrated blade made out of a human spine. A very big human spine. “Dracula if you fell against this man then I would have to kill you. Skeletron said. “Who are you?” Vlad asked raising one of his stakes. “I am your worst enemy. The very form of death and agony incarnate. I am your worst nightmare come alive, I am the dinosaurs, I am the humans, I am creatures that would make you quake in your puny human hide boots, I have things in me that come from worlds that would make you piss yourself every time you think about them. I AM LIFE AND I AM DEATH!” Skeletron said as bones rearranged themselves to form Battle armor for the already frightening figure.


Vlad was on the defensive. Blocking with his seemingly unbreakable cape. Skeletrons spinal blade seemed to create a white afterimage from the speed that it was being flung around at. “You have nothing compared to me. Your speed is lacking, your power has fallen short, your generation of creations have always been too weak, the ancient generation gave me much more of a challenge, HA ULTIMATE CREATIONS! The three brothers were able to create life, sure. But their creations can’t possibly hope to stop the creations of the cosmos being like me!” Skeletron laughed as he beat back Vlad. Suddenly a jewel fell out of one of Vlads pockets.


“That’s the omnijewel.” Dracula said. Vlad jumped back from Skeletron and raised both of his fists above his head. “You are nothing to me you old bag of bones. Now Be impaled.” Vlad yelled smashing both fists into the ground. Suddenly giant stakes shot out of the ground in a quick wave. Skeletron took the full brunt of the attack. His body now impaled high above the ground in several places. “You just made the biggest mistake of your life!” Skeletron chattered above the sound of battle that the hunchback was making as he decimated the armors. “Death breath.” 

The End

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