Dracula Falls.Mature

Dracula remembered everything. He remembered when he fought his way through the two other brothers. He defeated there champions. He defeated their armies, he decimated there fortresses. He killed millions for sport. And then when all was said and done the string master defeated him. And in order to escape. Dracula separated himself in two. One was trapped in the Third multidimensional labyrinth, that one was Vlad the impailer. He was the actual body of Dracula. And therefor he had more than ninety percent of Draculas actual power. The other half was Draculas soul that escaped. Though he was roughly only ten percent of his original power he kept about half of his actual memories.


“Well Dracula I see that you have had a fun time out there. While I was cursed to wallow here in despair. But fear not. While I was down here I to managed to increase my power substantially. Now I fear you have no chance of defeating me. And once I eat you. I will finally be restored to my former glory.” Vlad said. “Oh well then let us dance.” Dracula said charging in.


Vlad moved faster than Dracula could see. Vlad chopped Draculas side with his cape. “Now I feast.” Vlad said as the cape cleaved clearly through Draculas chest. It took a while for Dracula to notice what had happened. Dracula fell on the ground next to his legs. “Ugh. What? How?” Dracula tried to think of a way that could possibly explain how Vlad was so strong. Vlad slowly walked towards Dracula. ‘Time for you to Return back to me and make us both complete.” Vlad said as he grabbed Draculas top body and lifted it to Vlads mouth. “No I can’t die here. No I can’t die. NO!”

The End

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