Vlad The ImpalerMature

Inside of the portal there was a long twisting path made out of stars. Around was an endless space of galaxies and universes. Dracula followed it with The hunchback following after. “What is waiting for us on the other side?” “just the string master, the doll maker, and the peddler. The three most powerful people in the world.” Dracula said. “And what are we going to do?”  “Beat them to death.” Dracula said. “It isn’t going to be that easy is it?” Samuel asked. Dracula just frowned.


After several minuets of walking down the celestial path they reached a door made out of a silver liquid. “We are here Samo. If you wish to come with me then come on. If you wish to turn back now then leave. But know that if I do not win here. The entire planet will be put under their rule.” Dracula said before walking into the liquid. “Impossible. If I leave here then Esmeralda will die.” Samuel said as he walked into the doorway.


On the other side of the door way a large room stood before them. A castle thrown room. Large pillars on either side and a huge red carpet in the middle going all the way to the other side of the room and climbed massive stairs. “Dracula fell down and held his head. “Urg I am remembering something. A man. In red. He is holding a wooden spike.” Dracula said. “It may be the string master.” Samuel said. “No it is someone I know well. I know him but I can’t remember who he is.” Dracula said. “The image. It’s gone.” Dracula wondered as he stood up. “Lets go.” Samo said.


The two traveled away from the gate towards the stairs. Suddenly knights in armor came out of the floor and out of the walls. “What are these?” The hunchback asked bracing for a fight. These are the doll makers mannequins. Dracula leaped into a concentrated force of knights and proceeded to tear them limb from limb. “I’m sorry but I try not to kill people. “Oh but you will tear my arms off and beat me half way to deaths door with them. But you wont kill a couple of empty armors?” Dracula asked as he tore a few Knights to shreds.


“Wait these morons are empty inside?” The hunchback said as he grabbed one and ripped it in half to check whether it actually was empty inside. It was. “Hahahahahahehehehe.” The hunchback laughed hysterically. “Wait. What about those soldiers that you slaughtered wholesale while climbing the tower?” Dracula asked. “The only people who should kill are those that are prepared to be killed.” The hunchback said as he swept away about twenty armors with his arm. “nice philosophy but nothing is as fun as killing people for survival!” Dracula said as he eviscerated another group.  


Suddenly Dracula remembered the person in red holding the wooden spike. “Have you come back to reunite with me. Dracula?” The figure said. Suddenly Dracula remembered more of him. Dracula remembered the man impaled by a large wooden stake as thick as his leg and as long as three human bodies. Dracula remembered That He and Nosferatu sealed him here along with The string master. “V…..Is that Vlad?” Dracula asked. Suddenly Draculas mind went dark. All he saw was a vampiric smile.


“Dracula pay attention.” The hunchback yelled as he smashed a knight that was about to behead Dracula. “Hunchback. I have some business to attend to. Up there.” Dracula said pointing to the top of the stairs. “All right. I will deal with these puppets here.” Samo said crushing two knights with his fist.


Dracula raised himself above the knights and flew to the top of the stairs. Finally reaching it he saw the man that he remembered. This time he was not impaled. But he was standing. Large wooden stakes in each hand And a smile that Dracula knew all to well. “Hello Dracula.” He said. “Who are you?” Dracula asked. “Who am I? Well you could call me The Blood thirster, or you could call me Vladimir, Or you could call me Dracula, or Simply Vlad. I am you. And you are me. We come from the same body but now we are different.” He said. “But right now I am The great and furious Vlad the Impailer.” 

The End

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