The final Battle ApproachesMature

The sky darkened. The sun blotted out. Red and black lightning thundered down. Monsters of unheard caliber crawled out of the flowing blood. “Time to get serious.” Dracula said. Darkness enveloped Nosferatu. Dracula ran up stuck his arm into the darkness and pulled out Nosferatues Arm. “Ahhrg.” Nosferatu yelled out in Agony. “Dracula what are you doing we have to end this and get going on the two brothers.” The hunchback yelled. “Come on. You were talking all that good shit a second ago. And then you crossed the fucking line. What wrong Demigod. Just shun the light away. Summon up your army. Grow back your arm. HIT ME! FIGHT ME!........ GIVE ME A FIGHT!” Dracula asked I a frighteningly deep voice. “Wha… what?” Nosferatu asked in fear. Dracula smiled and walked into the darkness with Nosferatu. “It’s time for an epic meal time. And I’m the four star chef! And tonight we’re eating this blond little wannabe demigod bitch!” Draculas voice said from the darkness. One could hear crunching of bones and tearing of flesh. Then silence. “Ahhhhh that was a good meal” Dracula said walking out of the darkness covered in black blood.


 “Did you just?” Samuel asked. “No I would never eat him. I just kind of scared him. He will be back and fully healed by the time that” Dracula started. “I’m back.” Nosferatu wheezed in despair as he crawled out of the shadow. Suddenly a shockwave emanated from the now fully created portal. “Finally we can reunite with our brother.” The doll maker said. “And then we can regain our rightful place at the top of the world.” The Peddler said. Dracula looked at the portal as the two figures walked through. Dracula walked over towards Nosferatu. “Wait. I don’t want to fight you. You have already shown yourself to be much stronger than me….. just……….. go. Leave me in my sorrow. I have devoted my entire life to destroying you. But nothing I can do can possibly….” Nosferatu was interrupted as Dracula smashed his fist into his face.


“Listen! Look at the Portal. Can you see it? Can you feel it. They are going to bring back the string master. If they do that do you know what will happen? If the string master comes out of that portal no one can stop him.” Dracula yelled at Nosferatu. “It’s to late. The portal has been opened. The third dimensional labyrinth now has access to us. There is no one that can stop him now.” Nosferatu said sadly. “FINE. The I shall go stop them. Come on hunchback. We are going on a trip.” Dracula said throwing Nosferatu aside and walking to the portal. “Right.” Samuel said. “Frankenstein. Bring the coffins” Dracula said over a phone. “Right away sir.”

The End

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