Releas Restraint Level One.Mature

“Nosferatu and Dracula floated around in circles throwing slashes and stabbing with there hands. Not actually attacking but carefully watching for an opening. “Do you think that you can lay even a finger on me?” Nosferatu said throwing a slash at Dracula. Dracula took the initiative and slashed at Nosferatus hand. “Ah ah ah. No” Nosferatu smiled. Dracula took the bait. Nosferatu stabbed Dracula in the chest with his other hand and batted Dracula away with his foot. Dracula landed on his feet and stood up. Nosferatu dashed around him. Tearing his skin and cloths. Only flesh wounds but he made so many so fast that Dracula soon was covered in large, blood oozing, cuts. “Ha you can’t touch me. I have killed rats that could kill you. My speed, my stamina, my POWER, rival. Nay, dwarf yours. In compare to you I am a demigod.” Nosferatu yelled.


“Really, really?” Dracula in sarcastic disbelief. “Really!” Nosferatu said back quickly picking up his Scythe. “Really” Dracula asked again. “Really!” Nosferatu yelled growing impatient. “REALLY!” Dracula said a smile on his face that would make a crocodile cringe. blood oozed from his eyes and teeth and his face showed…. Hunger. “Really” Nosferatu said closing in. Nosferatu stabbed Dracula deep in the chest. “Release restraint. Level one.” Dracula said as darkness covered the ground. Eyes, and teeth, and arms, and legs, and other limbs to disfigured to identify poked out of the darkness in a flowing river of blood that flowed out and off of the platform. “Level what?” Nosferatu Asked in shock.

The End

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