This is How Real Vampires fight.Mature

Excalibur clashed against Nosferatus Death scythe and blue flames burst from the contact. “HA you think you can defeat me with your current power?” Nosferatu yelled. “Ah but you can’t win buddy. If you strike me down here I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Dracula smiled. “Bull crap! If I strike you down here you will be as dead As those soldiers you slaughtered on the way here.” Nosferatu said lulling the scythe away and swinging another attack aimed at Draculas neck.


“Oh by the way I forgot to thank you for the snacks” Dracula said deflecting the blade with Excalibur and followed up with a repost to the leg which was blocked by the handle of the scythe. The two fought fiercely but soon Nosferatu had batted Excalibur out of Draculas hand with his scythe. “Give up Dracula. Without your REAL soul weapon you have no hope of defeating me.” Nosferatu laughed. “And without the need to protect something you can’t hope to defeat me.” Dracula yelled as he jumped into the air and grabbed The scythe blade by the top. Nosferatu jumped back but was not able to rip the scythe free from draculas hands. “Ha now we are both unarmed.” Dracula said falling down back to the ground. “I can still beat you without my soul weapon.” Nosferatu said. “The try. I welcome your attempt.”

The End

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