Hunchback vs HydeMature

Edward fainted as Dracula drew the blood of the vampire out of him. “Ahhhh that was filling. Not good but filling.” Dracula said as he stood up and savored the fact that he was finally satisfied. “Alright you cut rate vampire. I will show you what I can do.” Dracula said wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “No you should have been killed you should have let him tear you apart.” Nosferatu said in anger. “Do you think I am going to let a vampire that sparkles in the sun defeat me?” Dracula laughed. “Oh well I will have to finish you myself.” Nosferatu said disappointed.



On the other side of the platform The hunchback had reached Jekyll. “Hello Mr. Jekyll.” Samo said. “Ah so you wish to fight me in hopes of stopping the portal from maturing. Well I have sad news for you. It has already been stabilized. All that remains now is for you to be destroyed.” Dr. Jekyll said pulling out a drink and drinking it. “Now it is time for you to meet Mr. Hyde.” He said as he grew. In the same way the hunchback transformed. Higher, bigger, stronger. Soon the scientist was about the same size as The hunchback. “A battle of titans. Gods among men.” Hyde said in a deep voice.


The hunchback threw the first hit. It made contact but he knew that It had little affect. The two began throwing punches. It looked like two giants Were wrestling. Well it WAS two giant wrestling. “I wont have you stopping us now.” Hyde yelled as he punched The hunchback in the chest and then in the face. “It isn’t your choice!” Samuel yelled back slamming his fist into Hydes side and then in the stomach. Hyde stumbled backward. “You are a pampered Scientist who was brought up by lifting weights and science! I was brought up by Lifting bells and building myself at my core. Can you hope to stop me. CAN YOU!” The hunchback yelled as he pounded Hyde in the chest, and face, and side With his steeled fists.


 Hyde fell backwards and cringed as The Hunchback lifted his arm into the air. A bracelet formed on his arm. "necklace of terra lend me the strength of the eldar makers and bring forth the power of the earth." The hunchback chanted. ”No no please don’t kill me.” Hyde squealed. “You have no pride therefore your life has already been forfeit.” The hunchback said bringing down his hand. Blood splattered all over the ground. “The hunchback limped away to help Dracula leaving Hyde alone. “How could I have lost. I am an ultimate being. How?” Hyde said before he passed out.

The End

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