Edward the vampire. The Sparkles End Now.Mature

“Jekyll get the machine operating.” Nosferatu said. Jekyll ran over to a large machine And started pulling levers, pushing buttons, and yelling things into intercoms. “Peddler, doll maker I need you two to funnel energy into the gate way. The large dragon mouth began to glow a bright purple. The peddler and the Dollmaker held out there hands and shot lasers into the dragon jaws. A small gate began to form. A twisting spiral.


 “I will take care of Nosferatu. You take Jekyll.” Dracula said. For now the two brothers seemed to concentrate on creating the portal. “Got it.” Samuel said. “No you think I will allow you to Disrupt them when we are this far in the stage of the portal?” Nosferatu said. “Do you think you can stop me?” The hunchback said slowly as he walked forward. Nosferatu simply stepped aside and let the hunchback pass. “Now Dracula Your end is here.” Nosferatu said summoning his death scythe. Dracula drew his sheathed blade. It ignited in black flames. “Yes let us end this. Who is stronger me or you.” Dracula said. “Yes me or you or him.” Nosferatu said.  Out of the shadow of Nosferatu stepped a familiar child. “UHG. IS that?” Dracula gasped. “Yes Dracula. It is I. Edward. And as you can see I am a vampire now.” He said.


Dracula stepped back in disbelief. Edward was standing before him a full fledged vampire. “Nosferatu you bastard.” Dracula said. “Hmmm come on can you fight him? Lets see.” Nosferatu said. Edward jumped forward and stabbed him in the gut. “ARG. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Dracula yelled in pain. “HAHAHA take that you lesser being.” Nosferatu said. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Dracula started to laugh. “Nice acting right?” Dracula said.


Edward looked up at Dracula in disbelief. “Do you think a little pissant like this could hurt me. I mean sure Ignacy has feelings for you. But he still does not care enough for you to get rid of you without a moments notice.” Dracula said grabbing Edward on the head and waist. Edward tried to punch Dracula with his other arm but Dracula caught it with the hand that was gripping Edwards head. “Sorry you little pissant. But you brought this on yourself.” Dracula said as he broke Edwards arm. Edward screamed in pain. “Do you think that you will be the first relative that I have killed?” Dracula said before he bit down on Edwards neck.

The End

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