The Players assembleMature

Dracula quickly traveled up the tower. Climbing up the spiral staircase. Dracula heard the sounds of the hunchback tearing through soldiers. “Hey Hunchback. Need any help?” Dracula asked. “This is not a joking matter.” Samuel said back. “Fine fine.” Dracula said going ahead. The two made there way up the massive tower Decimating all in there path.


“Squad guard 36 report. What is your situation!” Nosferatu yelled. “We can’t stop him. Bullets bounce off of the big one and we can’t catch the Other one. Wait who is ARG!” He yelled before The intercom went out. “Damn it. I should have known better than to trust a couple of humans.” Nosferatu said to himself in his rage. “Squad Guard 38 through 40 retreat to the upper level and set up a defense against them.” Nosferatu said over the intercom. “Yes sir.” All of them said in unison. “There is no way that they will be able to stop those monsters. But maybe they can stall them.” Nosferatu thought to himself as he Opened a door and claimed up the flight of stairs to the plateau on the very top of the tower. “Jekyll is it charged?” Nosferatu asked.



Jekyll was the size of a normal man. His left eye was machine as was his left arm and right leg. Large veins poked out all over his body. “It is fully charged. Sir.” Jekyll said grinning. “Good. Now contact the brothers it is there turn.” Nosferatu said. A large banging sound was getting louder and louder. “It seems you should do so quickly. Before Dracula and his friend gets here.” Nosferatu said. “Right away sir.” Jekyll said grabbing a bell. Jekyll rang the bell three times and Two portals appeared. Just then Dracula and The hunchback burst out of the floor Holding two men in each hand. Dracula was feeding on one and the other was probably for later. “Sup Nosferatu. I’m here for a little bit of fun. I hope you won’t disappoint. “Oh I sure he won’t” The Dollmaker said as he walked out of one of the portals. “Do you have everything ready?” The peddler said walking out of the other portal. “yes it is.” Jekyll said.


“Uh oh we got her to late.” Samo said. “Who says?” Dracula said back.

The End

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