An ancient Feud EndsMature

Beowulf lifted his head and gave a long nostalgic howl. The day turned into night and the moon shined down upon Beowulf. “HAHAHAHA Finally it is time for us to end this.” Dracula laughed. He Held Excalibur high into the air and the night went away. The sun appeared but the moon remained. The sun shined directly onto Excalibur which burned with black flames. The sun went black with dark flames and the moon shined silver. Beowulfs claws and teeth started to glow crimson and Dracula’s cloth transformed. A white blouse covered by a blood red overcoat, and on top of that a large red trench coat. His arms sported white cufflinks and his eyes shined bright orange. Beowulfs eyes burst into bright red flames. The two were at the extent of there power.



“DRACULA!” “BEOWULF!” They shouted as they Charged for the other. Beowulf had the first attack, vertically slashing with his now massive claw. Dracula ducked and thrust his blade right at Beowulfs heart. Beowulf shifted to the side and Bent down to bite Draculas’ head off. Dracula punched Beowulf in the jaw forcing Beowulf to get a large mouthful of stone. Dracula slid under Beowulf and jumped behind him latching onto the fur on his back. Dracula stabbed Beowulf in the back. The blade went so deep that Dracula could not pull it out in time for him to escape Beowulfs hand grabbing him. “Take this!” Beowulf grunted as he smashed Dracula into the wall leaving a crater in the stone. Beowulf followed it up with a strong solid punch that made Dracula cough up blood. “Take this!” Dracula said as he kicked Beowulf in the chest making him stumble backwards. Dracula clawed at Beowulfs leg making him fall backwards.


“Cough, cough. I guess you won this one.” Beowulf Said between gasps of breath. Dracula looked in sadness at the top of Excalibur that protruded out of Beowulfs chest. When Beowulf fell backwards it pushed it the rest of the way through. Beowulf smiled. ”Now it can end.” He said satisfied. “No it cant. If you die her then I am completely outclassed.” Dracula said bringing up his communicator. “Frankenstein. Get up here with the potion.” He said before climbing up the stairs. After leaving a locator on the passed out body of Beowulf.

The End

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