Vampire vs Werewolf. It ends Today!Mature


Dracula used the blade in his hand and bashed Beowulf aside using the pommel. Dracula used the opportunity to get unto his feet. Beowulf charged at Dracula viscously. Dracula flew up and dodged him. Beowulf jumped back and grabbed onto Draculas leg. Dracula made a front flip and slammed Beowulf into the ground. Beowulf rolled and leaped to a fighting stance. Like a wolf ready to pounce. Dracula thrust his blade down and slashed at Beowulf. His blade cleaved off a chunk of flesh off of Beowulfs arm. “Argh!” Beowulf grunted. Dracula then brought around his foot and kicked Beowulfs now exposed flesh. Beowulf fell down onto the ground. “Get up monster. Get up and face a real vampire.” Dracula said.


 “Ah maybe I wasn’t cut out for this after all. I mean seriously. It took an entire army just to entertain you. Maybe I should just quit while I am ahead.” Beowulf Said to himself. Dracula said nothing. He grabbed Beowulf by the skin on the back of his neck. Dragged him to a large flight of stairs and threw him down. Beowulf fell and fell and fell until he had reached the bottom of the stairs. “Now Beowulf will you end our fight. The fight that we had stretched out for so long.?” Dracula yelled. “I am definitely thinking about it.” Beowulf said. Dracula felt his rage boil inside of him. “Fine. I Leave you forever. Goodbye Beowulf.” Dracula said.


Suddenly Dracula felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He looked to see Beowulf biting his shoulder with his massive fangs. “Ah finally you will fight me to your fullest.” Dracula said pulling him off. “Finally it is time for us to end the long feud between vampire and werewolf.”

The End

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