Dracula now fought with The Hunchback. Side by side. “Ha this reminds me of the battle over Pompeii. Remember when we sealed Away the string master?” Dracula said. “Ah yes I remember. But this time we aren’t fighting empty mannequins.” Samuel said. “Oh you are fighting beings that are not that far.” A man said. Suddenly Dracula felt a large presence. “Ah if it isn’t my old rival. Beowulf.” Dracula said as he turned around to see Dr Beowulf. “Then tell us what are these things?” Dracula asked. “These are artificial humans created in my test tubes.” Beowulf said.


“Who is this?” Samuel asked. “This is Beowulf. He is one of the last werewolves. He used to be in a large group of assassins that the celestial being created to dispose of us. Fortunately I annihilated them all.” Dracula said smiling. “Ah yes I remember that. But I also remember you were a lot more powerful than this. It seems that you are a shadow of your formal self.” Beowulf said. “You little prick. You seem to forget that you are a simple dog.” Dracula said. “Well I have become stronger since then.” Beowulf Grinned.


Beowulfs clothes ripped as his body became larger. Grey fur grew out of his skin, claws grew from his fingers which had also grew. His legs became stronger and hairier. “See this Dracula I am now much greater than you.” Beowulf laughed. “Hunch back you go ahead. I will take care of this.” Dracula said as he extended his claws and brought up Excalibur to a striking position.


Beowulf struck first. Lunging at Dracula with bloodlust in his eyes. However Dracula also had bloodlust in his eyes. He deflected Beowulfs Claw with his sword and high kicked him in the waist. Beowulf flew over and crashed into the concrete wall. Dracula leaped at Beowulf and struck with his hand. It was a direct hit. Draculas claw Bounced off of Beowulfs fur with a clang. Beowulf took the opportunity to slash at Draculas side with devastating results. Blood poured out of the deep wound. Dracula floated away as fast as he could but to no avail. His speed was no match to Beowulfs. Beowulf leaped on top of Dracula and the two figures crashed into the ground. Beowulf started scratching Draculas face with his claws. “Do you think you can stop me. You have neither the will, nor the resolve, nor the reason!” Beowulf yelled over the sound of yells that was the sound of the Hunchback tearing through soldiers.

The End

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