The Hunchback AwakensMature

Dracula wielded Excalibur as a weapon of mass destruction. He shot around a group of people defending a hallway and quickly decapitated them. Another man jumped out from a room behind him with a machine gun but did not have the opportunity to shoot. His head splurted blood as a bullet coursed through it. the man fell down and the hunchback stood tall and proud behind him with a rifle. “Ah I can get used to things like this.” Samuel said grinning. “Dracula lifted his hand and the blood drained out of the peoples corpses. Dracula proceeded to feed upon the blood that was suspended in the air. “Still thirsty!” He panted.


Dracula pushed down a door and walked into the room. “Hey guys how’s your health plan?” Dracula asked as he passed the stunned soldiers. They finally regained there senses and started firing. “Apparently it’s great!” Dracula said as he swung around his blade disemboweling three of them. “Ah I can smell your blood. It smells soooo good.  Tendrils of darkness reached out of the ground and stabbed the remaining peoples. Dracula grabbed one of the peoples and began to suck his blood. Gunshots were heard in the room beside him. “HMM?” Dracula peeked through a bullet hole in the wall. The hunchback was turning back!


The hunchbacks arms started to grow first, then his chest, head, legs, feet, hands, and lastly His fingers and face. “Uh Oh! You guys had better run. Other wise I can’t promise your……” Dracula stalled. He watched as the hunchback grabbed one soldier and ripped him in half. Blood flowed all over the floor. The hunchback threw the top half of the soldier he had incapacitated through the wall, the bottom half he smashed into another soldier(Who traveled through the wall that Dracula was looking through.) “Thanks for the snack.” Dracula said before he began to feed. The hunchback grabbed two other soldiers and smashed them into each other before dropping them.

The End

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