“Sir! Hourly report.” A guard said. Nosferatu looked over his computer. “What is it?” He asked. “A man has broken through our front gate accompanied by a large man and several large coffins.” The guard said. “WHAT!” Nosferatu yelled at him standing up. “Sir there are…….” The man could not finish his sentence as his head was separated from his shoulders. “Damn Dracula staging an invasion on the tower this close to the opening.” Nosferatu said. Nosferatu clicked a button on desk. “Dr Jekyll! Is the Gate ready for opening?” Nosferatu yelled. “Yes sir it is however it will take some time to charge.” The deep voice said over the intercom. “Thank you doctor.” Nosferatu said. He pressed another button. “All hands defend the tower I don’t care if a hundred, or a thousand, or a million die. DEFEND THE TOWER!” 

The End

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