Beginning the Siege of the Obsidian TowerMature

“Hey you can’t be here!” A soldier yelled out pulling up his gun. Ignacy traveled fast and before the soldier could fire Ignacy was already within arms reach of him. “Oh you will see that I can. And you will also see that your life is as expendable to me as is a McDonalds happy meal.” For the first time in his life Ignacy gave full control to Dracula. Dracula grabbed Ignacys neck. “Ah I am so very sorry about this but you would not believe how thirsty I am right now.” Dracula said. A look was in his eyes. A look that resembled an animal ready to kill, or like a judge ready to sentence a criminal to the death sentence, but what truly scared the man was not the fact that his eyes were those of a beast, but of the fact that they had a hunger to them, a hunger that would never be quenched no matter how much it drank.


Dracula raised his fangs which had grown to a length of two inches. So big that they poked out of his mouth and over his lips. And he submerged every centimeter into the mans neck. The mans blood tasted good to Dracula and none was wasted. No blood spilt, dripped, or remained. The man tightened around his fangs when Dracula had siphoned every last drop of blood inside of the man. Dracula tightened his grip on the mans neck and threw him into the building. As if he was a baseball. Blood dripped down his fangs and off of his chin. “Ah now who is next?” Dracula said.


Darkness spread out of his shadow like water flowing out of a pool. The ground was soon covered in pitch black. The guards who were standing in the darkness cried in horror when large eyes peeked out of the darkness. Hands made out of the shadows grabbed there legs and dragged the remaining guards underground. Screams were heard and then silence. Suddenly blood shot out of random places in the ground. Large amounts of blood that used to belong to the now dry guards. Dracula opened his mouth and breathed in. Hundreds of gallons of blood flowed from there suspended place in the air into his mouth all at once. In a mere seven seconds it was all consumed. Dracula was the same size as usual nothing about his body had changed. “Ah it is about time I cut loose. But I’m still sooooooo thirsty.” Dracula said walking towards the giant basalt gates that was the front gate to the obsidian tower.

The End

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