the Obsidian TowerMature

“Waky waky eggs and bakey.” Ignacy said throwing Scott out of the train. “Ugh, can we ever get off of a train without you causing me some kind of harm?” Scott asked. “I don’t know, can you ever get onto a train without causing some kind of trouble and then end up sleeping without a care in the world?” Ignacy said. He turned around expecting Edward to be right there but he quickly stood aside to let a giant hulking 7foot 5 man walk out. The hunchback was fun company but it was always fun to have Edward there also. Ignacy would never admit it but he missed the runt.


Alright Hunchback where do you think that a portal to the dimensional rift gate to the third dimensional labyrinth could be?” Ignacy asked. Well because of the elevation of the past rift gate I will guess either one of two places. One of them must be either the Eifel tower or the obsidian pillar that they are creating in Yorkshire.” The hunchback said thinking. “Uh….. uh…… the what?” Ignacy asked. Samo turned and pointed at a large tower that was until recently covered from their view by the train. The tower was large and bulky around the base and it got smaller as it progressed further up it went making the shape of a spike. Then at the half way point a long slender black dragon made of obsidian curled around the tower and ascended until it reached a platform at the top that spread out. The dragon clawed the platforms corners as if it tried to climb it. His head hovered over the platform and its jaws were opened to there fullest extent. The tower was fully built but there were no people around it. “Uh I think I know where your portal is at.” Scott said.

The End

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