The clean up crewMature

“Well that was exuberantly horrifying.” Scott said looking at the torn remains of what was left of the train. “I would prefer not to do something like that again.” Samuel said. “Um I am sorry but another confrontation like that is inevitable.” Ignacy said. Frankenstein limped into the cart. “Um sir I am sorry to report that I could not stop them all.” He said. “Say what now?” Scott asked as several fully armored troops fell through the opened roof and the broken windows. “Get on your knees!” One of the soldiers yelled out. “I’m not your mother last night.” Ignacy smiled. The solders aimed there guns at Ignacy and fired there assault rifles. Scott watched in horror as seventeen machineguns fired two hundred 25 millimeter bullets per minuet right into Ignacys body.


“Oh shame. You seem to have activated my DRACULA.” Ignacy said in a suddenly dropped voice as hundreds of flames erupted out of his body, healing him to the fullest. From within the flames one could see his transformation. Suddenly the lights went out, not the train cart lights but all of the lights. The sun, the stars, the train lights, everything. It was a world wide blackout. There was a slight whirring as Excalibur shredded the soldiers. “I feel hot.” Samuel said. “Uh oh.” Scott said. Dracula ascended from the cart and floated in the air above it.


Helicopters turned on there spot lights that seemed to work. Dracula shined in the spotlight. “Fall to earth humans who have risen to far.” Dracula chanted. He held out his hand and opened it. Hundreds of strands of darkness shot out oh Dracula’s palm. “Make evasive maneuvers!” One of the helicopters pilots shouted on the radios. One of the strands of darkness pierced through a helicopter which blew up soon after. The tendrils proceeded to tear the helicopters to pieces. There were no survivors. “Hmmmm it seams my powers are Multiplying. How is this?” Dracula thought. Ignacy took over His body again.


“So what the hell was that?” Scott asked. “That was Dracula’s power. “I fought against that?” Samo asked. “Yes. Yes you did.” Ignacy said smiling. There was utter silence for the rest of the ride.


The End

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