The end of the rideMature

“Screw that!” the hunchback said pushing the coffin on the floor and opening it up. Wind shifted and the clouds turned dark. A large gust began to pull Lilie into the coffin. As if the coffin was a black hole, sucking in everything that was not tied down or built into the train. The pull became greater and greater. “Yes Lilie now you shall be contained inside of my sealing coffins. Forever sealed until I require your assistance.” Ignacy said. Lilie looked at Ignacy and smiled. “What! You should be sucked in.” Ignacy said. “You think that this will do anything?” She laughed. Her laugh was as if one placed iron bolts and rocks inside of a blender.


“Uh-oh.” Ignacy said. Lilie shot several cords in and grabbed Samo. “Wait. If we damage her soul weapon. We could weaken her considerably.” Ignacy thought. “But where is her soul weapon. The only Death scythe that was actual created for this kind of use belongs to death.” Ignacy thought at a thousand miles an hour. Then he saw it. Cards. Lilie was holding a pack of cards in her other hand. “Hey Turd.” Ignacy said. Lilie turned her attention to Ignacy. “Oops wrong move.” Ignacy thought. Cords swarmed over to Ignacy who ran. Ignacy dodged over behind a coffin, and ducked under a rail. The cords followed behind him. Farther. Ducking, dodging, Jumping, turning. And then they stopped.



 The cords had extended well over seventy feet and they had twisted around everything. They were tangled and could not move at all. Ignacy took this chance. He ran forward. Rushing her. She thrust her scythe around. Ignacy found it surprising how easily it was able to be dodged with the absence of those annoying cords. “I have you!” Ignacy said. “Think Again.” She laughed. She extended her hand and hundreds of cards flew out. Ignacy smiled. “Good by.” He said as his blade flew around him slashing in half every card that was close to him. Her weakness was apparent. She slouched and dropped the heavy scythe. Suddenly the heavy wind sucked her in. the cords went limp and, like spaghetti, were sucked up. “Wait I am still here!” Samuel said. “Crap.” Ignacy stretched out his hand And Samo grabbed it. “Gotcha.” Ignacy said. Lilie was completely sucked into the coffin and the large pull on the hunchback was lost. Ignacy pulled out the hunchback and shut the coffin door. There was a picture on the coffin door.


 A picture of a Joker card

The End

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