the Fifth BoxMature

The fifth cart was filled with coffins of different sizes and with different pictures on them. To be exact there were six coffins. A rather large coffin that had a picture of a tuxedo on it, a small coffin with an umbrella, a coffin the approximate size of the average human being with a picture of a green hat, a coffin with a octopus on it, a coffin with a gavel on it, The largest coffin had a skeleton on it and there were many more coffins but they did not have any pictures on them.


Ignacy laid down next to The hunchback. “Hey you know it kind of seems weird if I just call you the hunchback.” Ignacy wheezed. “Well I have another name.” The hunchback said. “What It is Samuel.” He said grinning. “Very well I shall call you Samo from now on.” Ignacy said getting up. “Thanks.” The hunchback said. “No problem.” Ignacy said back quickly. “Hey I need a large coffin. Not seven feet but something taller. Something that will fit “That thing.” The hunchback grabbed one of the larger coffins. “Will this fit her?” The hunchback said grabbing a ten foot tall coffin. “That should do just fine.” Ignacy replied. “That should fit who just fine?” Lilies voice rang out from inside of the cart. The lights went out and the windows dimmed.


 All that could be heard inside of the cart was the rattling of the rails, the breathing of the two men, and the slithering sound of the cords that were infesting the cart every moment. “Where is she?” Samuel asked. “She is inside of the cart. And that means that….. we have to turn this coffin around.” Ignacy said motioning for Samuel to start turning the coffin around. The cords slithered around the coffins in the room and went after Samuel. Ignacy drew his blade and gun duel-wielding and started to fight them off. “We cant fight her off!” Samo said. “False. In this closed off space she can not maneuver well and she cant swing her scythe around.” Ignacy said right before the roof was torn right off and Lilie loomed above the two men. “Uh then again she might be able to maneuver. But she still can’t swing her scythe around a lot if we remain in here.” Ignacy said. Lilie smiled. Not her strange smile that was already reaching each side of her head but you knew she was smiling because she was showing her horrendous teeth. She raised her scythe and brought it down right into the cart and tore off a chunk of the wall. “Well I guess we are at a disadvantage.” Ignacy said breaking out in a sweat.

The End

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