The Chase.Mature

Lilie was closing in on Ignacy she the intent to kill was clear in her rage covered eyes. Ignacy only had one trick up his sleeve. Lilie brought the scythe down and Ignacy rolled to the side. A large gash was left when The scythe was torn out of the roof. Ignacy jumped in and started running to the caboose. Cords pierced through the roof trying to skewer Ignacy. “Five carts left.” Ignacy thought to himself as he dodged another cord. Ignacy finally made it to the end and jumped from one cart to the next. Several cords shot through the roof and he deflected them with his sword. More and more cords came through, this time through the walls. Some of them skewered men and women. Ignacy even saw a child who’s left arm was taken by one of the cords.

Ignacy made it to the next cart without any trouble.

This cart Lilie attacked more fervently. Ripping off the roof and punishing the inside with her cords. Grabbing at Ignacy and throwing out whatever she grabbed. Children, women, animals, luggage, it did not matter whatever she grabbed she threw out of the cart not caring where they landed. It was rather easy to reach the end of the cart and enter the next one.

 “Ha.” Ignacy laughed. The roof was then torn clean off and Lilie climbed into the cart. “HA!” She said to him before continuing her assault. “Ignacy!” The hunchback yelled from behind Lilie. The hunchback had a rather large coffin waiting in the cart behind him. “Ah yes, good idea Hunchback.” Ignacy yelled back. “Ahhhhh!” Lilie screeched thrusting several cords back at the hunchback and some at Ignacy at the same time. Ignacy dodged and sliced at Lilies weapon arm. Lilie bashed aside the attack with her weapon and smashed Ignacys side with the bottom of the handle. Ignacy felt pure, unrestrained, unfiltered pain as he flew across the cart and landed on the floor next to the hunchback who was a little bit occupied dodging cords.

“Hunchback, fall back and prepare “it.” Ignacy said. “Right.” He grunted between dodging a cord and grabbing another. The two figures jumped into the cart and closed the door behind them. 

The End

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