A Tight SpotMature

“You are really eager to die.” She said in wrath. The cords extended, lifting he up to the height of Ignacy. Her scythe Began to glow with the power of a monster. Ignacy pulled the blade out and prepared for the first strike. Her Swing was large and slow. Not the kind of slow as in very slow but more like just slow enough for Ignacy to jump over it without having his body carved in half. Ignacy landed just in time to dodge the strike descending above him. Lilie had just closed in close enough for him to start his counter attack. Ignacy jumped forward while she was wrenching the scythe out of the roof she had just imbedded it in. He sliced at her head but it never made it past her shoulder. One of the cords had caught it. “Shoot!” He thought as the realized that if a bullet could not damage one of those cords then what the hell was a sword going to do to one of them?


“We have the target in sight. He has entered in combat with some kind of monster. We await orders.” One of the solders in the helicopter said into a radio. “Destroy them both.” The voice ordered them. “Very well.” The solder said back before turning the frequency to his comrades channel. “All units Open fire. I repeat Open fire.” The Large guns mounted on the helicopter started whirring.


Ignacy was having trouble fighting Her. “Those cords are really annoying.” Dracula said. The cords were slashing at him wildly like whips. So fast one could barely see them. Just black and red streaks in the air between the two. Suddenly a whirring noise drowned out the sound of the clangs and whfts. Ignacy stole a glance at the mini guns on the helicopters and it did not take him very long for him to understand what was going to happen. A hail of bullets bust forth from the large guns. The two helicopters were Shooting at them. Fortunately the cords were fast enough to bash away each bullet before they could reach either of them. “Shit! If I try and make some distance between me and Lilie I will be filled with lead so fast that it won’t even be funny but I can’t just stay here fighting her like this. She has the upper hand. What can I do?”

“Do not worry Sir I have it under Control.” Frankenstein’s voice rang out. Suddenly one of the helicopters blew up. Another helicopter flew in. Piloted by the ghastly butler. Guns whirred and soon the other helicopter blew up. Ignacy took the first chance he had and jumped away from Lilie making as much distance between him and her as he could. More helicopters were on the way so Ignacy knew that His butler would have his hands full and would be unable to help him. “Hey Dracula you fought the Joker before?” Ignacy thought. “yah why?” Dracula Replied. “How did you beat it?” Ignacy though. “Um lets see. I fought it yah, but I never beat it.” Dracula said. “Well then who did?” Ignacy thought angrily. “It was Vlad the impailer.” Dracula laughed. Lilie was gaining on them fast. “What will I do?” Ignacy thought looking for some way of escaping. “Now you die.” Lilie wailed. Her scythe held high in the air. 

The End

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