The Battle on the Train.Mature

“I have been waiting for you to come to me.” The now twisted form said. “Ah I know you. You are the one from the, no wait that was Ida. Wait were you, no you that was Vanessa. Oh I know who you are.” Ignacy said. “Nooooo don’t say it.” Lilie screamed. “You are that prostitute that I saved from her master so long that what you are angry at me for? Or is this about when I killed you. I’m guessing it is the sooner.” Ignacy said. “YOU! YOU BASTARD!” She screamed as she held her head in pain with one of her hands. She held her scythe high and swung it around. Ignacy barely had enough room to dodge. He pulled out a gun and shot Lilie in her head. “Run. Grab Scott and run.” Dracula yelled inside of Ignacys head. Ignacy Grabbed Scott and ran closing the door behind him. Nobody was inside of the cart to watch the bullet be forced out of the head of the twisted abomination. “Little pigmies can run but they can not hide.” She said.


“Hunchback get to the back of the cart! Here take this.” Ignacy said throwing Scott into the chest of the hunchback. The hunchback grabbed Scott and ran to the back of the train while Ignacy shoved as much junk in front of the door as possible. “Ok little pigmies where are you?” Ignacy heard her voice on the other side of the door. Bang. Bang. BANG! The door flew open with junk flying everywhere. The cords extending out of her back acted as feet. They clawed and gripped the roof and the walls and the floor. Her Distorted eyes glared at him in there reddish orange haze. “So how did you get this way? I mean I have been expecting the joker but how did you get to be him? I thought that the joker only inhabited guys. Wow now that I think about it he must have been gay.” “It is none of your business because dead men don’t need to know.” She yelled in a shrilling voice. “But if you want to kill me then it is my business. See I like being alive. It allows me to do things I could not do if I were dead.” Ignacy laughed. Lilie looked at him for a minuet before screaming at the top of her lungs. Glass shattered and Ignacy fell to his knees holding his ears in pain.


Soddenly armed solders wering body armor flew in from the opened windows and started shooting the abomination with machine guns. “whoa! Were the hell did these guys come from?” Ignacy thought. “It doesn’t matter Help them!” Dracula said quickly. Lilie began swinging her cords around like angry tentacles. Ignacy ducked as one of them passed over and sliced right through one of the solders stomach and cut him clean in half. “Holy cow! I don’t want to fight these freaks any more!” Ignacy said pulling out his pistol and sliding the cover off of his cane blade. Lilie Was going berserk thrusting the cords and swinging her scythe around wildly. Ignacy blocked one of her cords and shot another near its base making it go limp before it started thrashing around even more franticly. One of the cords whipped a gapping hole in the roof and Ignacy saw the helicopters flying around the trains getting ready to drop more troops down. “Hey I have an idea.” Ignacy said. Ignacys blade carved open a hole for him to climb out onto the roof.  Lilie saw him climb out onto the roof and then proceeded to rip the roof right off of the cart. Not just her side but the entire roof off. Ignacy expecting something to this effect jumped onto the cart behind the one everybody was on right now. Ignacy pulled out his pistol and shot. His aim was clear and true as the bullet coursed from its barrel through the air and landed right on her eye. He now had her attention.

The End

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