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“Everyone prepared for the assault. We are sure that they are on the train. Third cart. Passengers are on the left side.” A solder said beneath his mask. “Very well Begin the attack.” The voice from the computer said. Cords fell from the helicopters and troops climbed down.



“I have to go to the bathroom.” Scott said. Scott got up but no body said a word. Scott just traveled to the frontal cart that had three clean toilets. Suddenly a hand grabbed Scott on the mouth and by the neck. “Shhhhh be very quiet. A familiar form, a familiar touch, feel. “Lilie?” indeed it was Lilie that carried Scott and Edward home from the fantasy gardens. Just before Dracula fought the hunchback. “Quiet.” Lilie said letting go of Scott. Scott obediently Shut up. “Wow I haven’t been able to do that. What is your secret?” Ignacy asked. Lilie jumped up and threw a punch at Ignacy. Which he caught. “Well you seem to know your stuff. But you can not possibly know what powers I have.” Lilie said. Several of her veins lifted up. Stretching her skin Then they broke through her skin and grew. Yes her veins went threw her skin and turned into large blades.



 “Ah I have been waiting for the arrival of the heartless joker.” Ignacy said dodging blades that she lounged at him. Large cords tore out of Lilies back and connected her to the top of the train. Lilie began to transform. Her arms became long and skinny, her face distorted. eyes under her now freakishly long nose and the other on her fore head, left ear on the right side of her ear, right ear where her right eye should be, And her smile. Here smile grew from one side of her head to the other, her hair turned from orange to bright red. Her cloths morphed into cloths one would imagine belonging to an evil clown. White with dots. Her fingernails grew to five inches turning the color of blood. Black feathers were rustled and a large pair of wings unfolded from the upper back, even though they could not move from the inside of the train. “Ancient evil long untouched bring forth doom to all who thee deem unworthy of life.” She said. A large scythe with a crimson blade appeared in her clawed hand. “Ok I just woke up. What the hell is that?” Dracula asked. 

The End

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