Quiet TrainMature

The train ride to Paris was Awkward. No one spoke. Not because of the new man that was sitting next to Scott which had a hump on his back the size of a basketball. But because Edward was so dreadfully sick that even Ignacy Worried for him. “Hey you actually care about those kids. Don’t you?” Dracula said in Ignacy head. Ignacy did not reply. “Well if you are not going to talk then I will. I know that you care bout those children more than you let on. Those kids are probably the most important thing that happened to you since me. Ever since they came along you have laughed, Fumed, and showed many more kinds of emotions. But there is one thing I don’t understand. Why don’t you tell them that there mother is not dead?” Dracula rambled. “Because They don’t need to worry about it.” Ignacy swiftly replied.


 “Hey everyone I have something to Lighten the mood.” Scott said pulling out a golden chess game that they received from there previous train ride. “Where did he get that?” Dracula shouted from inside Ignacy. The Hunchback Stared at the chess set in horror. “where did you get that!” Ignacy said earnestly. “Edward got it from some guy that he beet on a train.” Scott said. “Any idea what that could be Dracula?” Ignacy asked. “That belongs to the Peddler. But why would Edward have that unless. No it is impossible.” Dracula wondered. “What?” Ignacy asked. “the peddler would not care bout anyone if they were not one of there creations. Is Edward one of there creations.” Dracula said. “great I thought that this would improve the mood.” Scott said putting the chess board back. For the rest of the train ride no body spoke. They just slept.


The End

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