“Hey brats I have a job for you.” Dracula said. “Why should we do anything for you?” Scott asked. “Hey Ignacy they don’t seem to be cooperating. So I give up.” Dracula thought. Ignacy gladly took control of his body. “so Uncle what do you want.” Scott asked. “Listen brats I have a job for you.” Ignacy said. “Not that different. Now I see how two people can be in the same body since they are so close to being one another.” Edward said. “What do you want?” Scott asked. “I need you to go traveling to Paris.” Ignacy said. “Paris?” Scott said in surprise. “Yes Paris. You can bring one of your girlfriends.” Ignacy said. “Girlfriends what girlfriends. You keep chasing them off.” Scott said angrily. Ignacy did nothing. He said nothing he just stared at the two of them before bursting into laughter. “You two really are puny compared to me.” Ignacy said. “Don’t worry I can get you some prostitutes to escort around or something liked that.” Ignacy said jokingly. “Piece of junk.” Scott said after Ignacy laughter could no longer be heard from down the hall. “I don’t feel. Very good.” Edward said grabbing his stomach. Scott watched as Edward started convulsing suddenly and puking. “Uh that is…. Disgusting.” Scott said before running.


“There is only one place that can possibly be tall enough to open up the third pocket. That is the tower that is being built right now in Paris. That must be where they plan to open the cataclysmic gate. It is to convenient to be just coincidence. So I am sending two of my children to scout ahead. I have already paid for the tour and for the tickets. However transporting you in your current form will be a challenge. So I had Dear Frankenstein make you a potion. It will give you the appearance of a normal human being for a set duration depending how much you drink.” Ignacy said. “However there is a drawback. Once you drink it you gain a human body however you also gain a humans strength as well.” The ghastly butler said. “But what happens when I get my normal body back. Is it painful?” the Hunchback asked. “Well yes it is. However. When you get your original form back your strength returns tenfold. But I would not recommend it in a fight against another one of your relatives. It would leave you vulnerable for quite a while.” Frankenstein said with a grin.


“Hey Ignacy. Something is wrong with Edward!” Scott said running into the room. “What do you mean. There are plenty of knockout pills in your cabinets. Use them. Both of you and get out of my hair for a while.” Ignacy said. “No it is different he is throwing up and convulsing.” Scott said. “Frankenstein. Go give help to the Brat.” Ignacy said. The butler disappeared with Scott leaving the two behind.

The End

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